Systems engineering presents a holistic approach for the conception, design, construction, and maintenance of successful systems. This methodology follows a structured process, with a primary focus on meeting customer requirements and essential functionalities, all while maintaining stringent system validation. Systems engineering addresses a range of topics, spanning both engineering and management domains. These include Project Management, Risk Management, Requirements Engineering, System Architecture and Design, Systems Integration, Validation and Verification, System Optimization, Business Practices, and Systems Thinking.

The distant courses are intended for 2nd year Preparatory school students.

Département: Preparatory cycle

Level : 2nd year 

Name of the lecture  : AST3/AST4

Crédit:01 Coefficient:01 

Durée : 15 semaines 

Horaire: Mardi: 09h30-11h00 Salle: F09 

Enseignant : Cours, TD et TP: Dr. BOUAYED Maliha

Contact :

availability : In the office 'English Cell' (New Admin.block, 3rd floor) : Sunday 9a.m-13h30

Wednesday : 9a.m-13h30